10 Stories about Friendship
Texts: Simona Ionita
Illustrations: Antonia Nweke (5ani)


1.The little frog called Moni - 2.Antonia and her ladybug friend - 3.The playful puppy - 4.Cocorica is gone for visiting - 5.The friendly dolphin - 6.Flu-Flu, the butterfly in love - 7.Dante and the chickens - 8.The magic pen - 9.Lili, the wise turtle - 10.The magic world of ponies

Once upon a time there was a very curious little frog. She used to live next to a forest full of miracles. The legend said that the forrest could turn you into anything and take anyone to their dreamed world.
Our frog, Moni, for this was her name, wished to see how the human world is. She heard that people have toys that look exactly like her and children enjoy playing with them. She wanted to live the experience of a toy – frog. Since this thought couldn’t leave her alone, she decided to go to the wonderland forest and ask for this wish. To turn into a toy frog!

The wonderland forest was the perfect place for fulfilling any wish, but the road up there was not easy at all. Before entering the forest you were supposed to walk on an alley that was full of evil green creepers on both sides. If you weren’t careful enough, they would wrap themselves around you and wouldn’t let you go further. But Moni was a pretty ambitious frog, and she walked carefully. She chose the perfect moment, when the creepers were resting. Some of them had a really deep sleep, and Moni knew how to take advantage from it.

Her desire was too  high, and she couldn’t afford to make any mistake that would keep her in one place, and never get where she wanted, to fulfill her dream.
Once arrived on the magic land of the forest, the Little frog closed he reyes and she imagined her dream becoming true and ….there!!
Moni turned into a rubber frog and when you pressed on it, she was saying “Oac!”. But unfortunately, she forgot to ask the wonderland forest to place her on bookstore shelves, or directly in a kid’s home, so that her experience would turn into her very desired experience.
So, she had no other choice than wait until someone would come into the forest, notice her and take her home. It didn’t pass too much time until the forest ranger passed by, but he didn’t see her at first. Dissappointed, the little frog rolled to his leg, but the ranger stepped on her when she started yelling Oac!!
A toy! I wonder how it got here? I will take it to my niece.
Moni was thrilled. She will finally be a child’s toy. Exactly like she wanted.
Here, dear Toni, I brought you a little toy frog!
Thank you, grandpa! She’s so pretty! I am going to bathe her!
The little girl washed the little frog and after that, she met all the other toys. Finaly, she was living her most desired experience. As time passed by, she started missing her lake. Every day she was getting even more sad. She felt she had to go back to the forest that will turn her back into the old little frog. She tried everything to upset Toni to force her to abandon the little toy, but with it was all in vain, because the little girl was already attached to the toy. Therefore, the little frog had to get used to the idea that she will never see her lake again.
But, in a good day….Toni was visited by a little boy who took the frog in his hands and pressed her until he didn’t hear any sound. The small toy frog was broken and now she had lots of chances to get back to the woods. She was thrown away to the garbage. The strong wind overturned the dumpster, and took her straight to the wonderland forest.
This is how the small toy turned back into the original little Moni frog and went happily back to her lake.
Since then, the curious frog learned a new lesson: to be careful with what she wishes. She told everybody about her experience and everytime she kept repeating: “be careful what you wish for, because it might happen!”

Riana is a very stylish ladybug. She has a round body, red wings and black dots on them. She is not just a simple insect. She is delicate and restless, pretty often. She has to fly, to know everything and to be in the center of attention. Suddently, she twists and falls in Antonia’s room. The girl tries pick her up in her palm, but she doesn’t succeed. The little ladybug stands still on a flower leaf in her room.
“Lady bug, oh, little lady bug
Fly away from this leaf
And where you will fly
It will be the place where I get married!”
Even after this, the ladybug didn’t have any reaction. As she was getting closer to the insect, Antonia noticed that it was hurt, she had a broken wing. With tears in her eyes, she runs back to her mom and she asks her desperately  to help it. The ladybug was seriously injured and she needed help. Then, she gently pick it up and wrapped it in a soft bulb.
Antonia treated her wounds carefuly and put the little ladybug to sleep, as she was standing next to her. Everything was really painful, but she knew that only with her help, the ladybug could come back to life.
You will get better! I know that! – said Antonia to the ladybug
Sad, Antonia fell asleep next to her wounded little friend.
The sun woke her up, warming up her little cheeks. She had a rough sleep. She dreamed
That the ladybug wasn’t there anymore, and as she looked around her, she realized that the little insect was not next to her. She got really frightened because the ladybug dissappeared.
 Where are  you, little ladybug?
Good morning! – a warm voice said
Who are you? Where are you talking to me from? Says Antonia
My name is Riana and I want to thank you for everything that you did for me. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to heal my wing.
Yes, it was her, Riana, the little ladybug. She was healthy now! Antonia couldn’t believe it! Her tears were falling on her cheeks, but fortunately, there were tears of happiness. The ladybug sat on Antonia’s finger and started crying together.
Now that you are healed, are you going to leave me? – says Antonia, who was barely speaking because of the tears.
No, I will not leave you, I will stay with you, thus we are best friends now! I will help you everytime you will need me, just like you did.
Full of happiness, the 2 best friends went out in the garden, taking advantage of the wonderful weather. The ladybug powdered her little legs with pollen and scented herself with roses sap. Antonia watched how the ladybug was spreading her little legs and happily flew higher and higher!
They sat and talked for hours. Riana, the ladybug, told her few of her secrets, and I will also share some of them with you. She confessed that if you count 3 black dots on a ladybug wing, you will find out how many lucky months you will have from now on.
- Another little secret was that in order to protect herself, the ladybug plays dead or releases a liquid, which gives them a bad taste, in case some evil animal wants to eat them.
- When they feed themselves, the ladybug moves her mouth from side to side, and not up and down like humans
- as she is growing old, the black dots on the wings are getting faded.
- an adult ladybug eats 75 aphids/ day
- a happy ladybug will direct you to a hidden luck, in comparison with a sad ladybug which takes you to the place of the unspoken truth, or an in love ladybug - she is going to ditch you because she only cares about her love thus she will advise you to search for your own love without helping you with guidance, or directions.

Antonia and Riana are and always will be friends for life.

Sasa is a small puppy. She is nice and loving. She didn’t have an easy life, but the luck was finally on her side. She was ill when the instinct guided her towards Roxi’s door, a blonde girl with green eyes that couldn’t be indifferent when she saw Sasa. She had a visible wound and a sad look. The vet and Roxi’s love made her get better soon and become the playful puppy that she once was.
Sometimes, she makes a lot of noise, can’t that to hear dogs arguing on the street and she lectures them. sometimes she is so curious, that she begins to bark at every person that she sees from the balcony. The balcony is her favorite place. She watches every move from the balcony bars. She feels Roxi from distance and she gets to the door fast to say Hi to her.
One day, a new character appeared in the house. A big, black, plush dog.
-Who are you? Sasa asked the new animal.
-I’m Max.
-Hello, Max. Do you want to be my playmate?
-Of course; it’s just that I’m a plush dog and I can’t run like you.
-There is no problem, we will find a good place for the both of us. I’ll go and bring the ball.
Sasa loves to play with the ball. ‘Ball’ was one of the first words that she learnt. She likes the game so much that she learnt to throw and bring the ball alone. She throws it from the top of the stairs, runs after it, catches it and brings it back.
Happy that she now had a playmate, she takes the ball to Max and waits for him to throw it. Max is not making any move. It seems that is not the right toy for him.
Although Max was a dog, he didn’t react to any games proposed by Sasa.
-I don’t understand, you don’t like any toy?
-Yes, I like all! But I cannot play. I’m made of plush. I can only be hugged and I can give affection with my presence, without making a single move.
-Alright. So will you allow me to sleep on one of your paws from now one and to speak with you before going to bed? I would love you to tell me more about you.
-I agree. I would really like that.
Sasa and Max became inseparable friends, till the time for going to bed came. The toys help dogs not to get bored when they are left alone at home and can be really helpful in the behavior problems. Compared to cats, that are more exigent, puppies want to play with everything that is near their paws. This means that you have to be very careful about their way of playing, not to cause an unpleasant situation.
Most of the toys for dogs should be interactive. Puppies need more activity with their masters.
No matter if it’s the throwing the ball, Frisbee or hide-and-seek, the puppy will use the physical and mental energy accumulated during the time of boredom. This type of activities make stronger relationships between humans and their pets, reducing the stress caused by isolation, and for the puppies that are full of energy and for the animals that haven’t been trained, offers a good opportunity to socialize.
Play with your pet!

Once upon a time there was a budgerigar named Cocorica. He lived on the tenth floor of an apartment in Bucharest. His cage was a luxury one and he was free to wonder as he wanted though the entire house, of course, when the weren’t opened. He was very talkative. He liked to ask most: ‘how are you?” and to say his name. He liked very much to admire itself in the mirror.
Cocorica had a great appetite. His adoptive parents couldn’t eat anything without him. If the food wasn’t good for him, he never said no to a loaf of bread. The idea was for them to eat together. He adored the family meals and cared very much about it.
One day, his adoptive family had to leave town. Not t leave him alone till they came back, they let him at a friend, who also had a budgerigar. That was the moment when Cocorica met Biju.
Biju, who was younger than him, wasn’t pleased with this visit.
-What are you doing in my house?
-I am just here for a short visit. Do not worry; I will not take over your territory and I will not interfere in the relationship with your adoptive parents.
-How do I know you’re telling the truth?
-I assure you. I would like to be friends .
-You have to earn my friendship, said the grumpy Biju.
-What I should do? Teach me!
-Well, first of all, not get to attached of my parents. I am very jealous and I get angry. Do not get temped by my millet or by my water; keep distance. Otherwise I will peck you and you will not like it.
-I understand and I will respect your wish.
Cocorica was more friendly than Biju. He sung beautifully, he spoke and amazed everyone. Biju was very envious. He wanted to do all those things, but maybe his adoptive mother didn’t know how to get too close to him. She didn’t know to win his trust, so he become moderate towards what happened around him. The only friend he had was the plastic budgerigar that lived in his cage.
-How did you learn so many things? He decided to ask Cocorica.
-It wasn’t hard at all.
After I sat in the cage, my adoptive mother slowly put her hand inside it. At the beginning , I was afraid, but she insisted. And , in time, I learnt to climb on the finger. After that, she patiently repeated words to me, that I ended up learning.
-Yes, they tried this method with me, but I can’t be that easily convinced.
-That’s a shame, you would have become closer .
-Maybe. But now is too late.
-It is never too late. Make the fist step. Land on your adoptive mother’s shoulder , without being afraid and you will see this will get you closer.
-I will think about it.
Biju followed this advice. He became more friendly and realized that life is more beautiful when you make the others happy.
-Thank you for your help, Cocorila. I feel much better now. I feel that my adoptive mother and I became best friends. I sing beautiful songs, and she touches me gently. An exchange of energy takes place and this makes us both happy. I am grateful.
-I’m glad for you.
The day for the two budgerigar to say good-bye has come; but they think about each other and can’t wait to see each other again.

Cristina and George are two good and respectful kids. Today they will go to meet Delfi-Delfi, the cheerful dolphin. He is friendly and playful. He is the dolphinarium’s baby. Many people want to see his tricks.
It’s a hot summer day, and the two brothers , together with their parents , are anxious to get to the dolphinarium.
-I can wait to see Delfi, I’ve heard so many things about him, said Cristina gladly. His body is covered with a smooth skin , which help him be a good swimmer, swimming with a speed between 40-60 km per hour. The skin is grey, some races having also some darker stains.
With the wings, the dolphins keep the swim direction. They are also used when the dolphins swim close to each other, touching with their wings as a friendship sign.
The dolphins have between 12-200 fangs. They keep all the fangs through out their life. They sleep a little, flowing on the surface and coming out of the water from time to time to breathe.
I’ve heard so many things about Delfi and I am glad that I will meet him personally.
Not after a long time she watched fascinated Delfi doing all sort of tricks. He jumped and smiled to the children.
-Wow! How sweet! Said George. I wonder what he eats that he has so much energy?
-I don’t know. Let’s ask him, proposed Cristina.
-Delfi, what do you eat?
-Any sort of fish, said Delfi, and jumped again, making the kids glad.
-I heard that the dolphins save people and cure the autistic children.
-Yes, it’s true! We love children and people, generally. Children become more sociable after they had contact with us. One of my brothers who lives in the North Sea, recently saved a sailor who had fallen in the water!
-It’s wonderful, says Cristina. But your brothers live only in the North Sea?
-No, all over the oceans and seas.
Suddenly, noises hear in the dolphinarium… a child had fallen in the water after wanting to get close to the dolphin. Immediately, Delfi jumped under the water, bringing the little one on the surface! Everybody was applauding! 
Cristina and George are amazed!
What a happening. We were witnesses to this rescue and he was just telling us about his brother’s courage! He is also a hero! Cristina \told to her brother.
-Indeed! Good job, Delfi! George shout gladly.
-Thank you my dears!
-We have to say good-bye now, say the children.
-It was to meet you! If you see other dolphins, say ‘Hi; to them for me, tell them that I miss them and that I found out about their acts and that I’m proud!
-We will! We are glad that we could talk to you. We love you, Delfi and we will come to visit you!
-Thank you children. I love you. Be good and listen to your parents!
It was a wonderful day and an unique experience for the two brothers.

Let’s discover together the love story of Flu-Flu, a gentle butterfly with colorful wings, and his beautiful partner, Isabela.
Colored like a flower,
Gentle and small body,
He flies in the summertime over the field,
I wonder what it could be?
Flu-Flu is a gentle butterfly, with colorful wings. He flies over a multicolored field, full with beautiful flowers. He flutters his wings, not knowing on which flower to land. In the end, he chooses a flower with big, red petals, full with dew.
Flying from flower to flower, sipping some nectar from here and there, lying all day long in the sun, whenever you want; the butterfly seems the perfect picture of a careless life. But in the insects world, things aren’t what they seem. There are mornings when they simply cannot move. The problem is their body temperature, that depends on the environment. After a cold night spent on a leaf, their blood is so cold, that they can barely move, even less fly. So they have to wait for the sun to rise.
If the day is not that warm, they stop from time to time for a new sun therapy. Today the sun shines brightly.
It’s a while since Flu-Flu is not in the mood for anything. He only dreams about his beautiful Isabela, a female butterfly, that makes Flu-Flu tremble when she smiles in the sun. She is wonderful. She’s the princess of his soul.
Their life lasts only for a few weeks, and there is no time to waste, but finding a partner in the butterflies world is not an easy job-it supposes lots of patience and insistence and our little butterfly know all that.
There is no such thing as love at fist sight among butterflies. They are shortsighted, and confuse very often the members from other species with their own members. This thing leads to a chasing without any result, that ends when the butterfly in love realizes, finally, that he was wrong.
It is not the case for Flu-Flu. He knows, feels that Isabela is the one. It wasn’t love at first sight, he noticed her for a long time and slowly began to feel a shiver in his stomach. When they fall in love, butterflies like to say that they feel ‘humans’ in the stomach, like people say ‘I fell butterflies ‘ when they feel such an emotion. To complicate things more, Isabela is not responding to him. Flu-Flu flies insistently around her, doing a sort of fast, aerial waltz , hoping the in the end he will convince her to admire him. But this extraordinary ballet ends tragically, when she flies away leaving the unhappy butterfly to continue its search.
Flu-Flu doesn’t want to search for anybody else. In a fast fly, he gets close to her.
-Isabela, don’t you want to fly together till the sun?
Isabela acts like she doesn’t hear him.
-It is such a wonderful day, so wonderful like you are! Please come with me! Let’s take advantage of the sun light.
Isabela is not answering.
Flu-Flu gives up and spreads ‘the love dust’, a dizzy fragrance, especially made to shake the butterfly females. Even if this dust is not the key to success , it does miracles when the male finds a female. With the dust’s help, Isabela is slowly conquered.
-okay, let’s fly together till the sun.
Flu-Flu was full of joy. He was finally together with his soul mate.
During the flight, another butterfly joint them, one of Flu-Flu’s brothers. They laughed , told stories till the sun went in the clouds.
If you see them flying, admire them and be happy because is a good sign to see three butterflies flying together.

If you love birds, let’s find out together the story of the two hen babies who became real cocks and learn to sing ‘Cucuriguu’.
Dora, a five years old girl, loved the birds very much. She became very found of the two pigeon babies that were born in the nest made by the pigeon parents in her balcony. They had brown-grey feathers on the back and abdomen , and a black line on the neck. She followed them since they put their eggs, till the birth of the little pigeons, how they were feed and how they learnt to fly for the very first time.
The little girl loved to watch the pigeon parents work in shifts to protect their little babies. To help them, she gave them bread and water every day.
The little pigeons grew up and one day flew away. Dora’s mother noticed her sadness and decided to make the little girl a surprise.
It was a beautiful spring day when the mother bought two hen babies.
They had a warm look in their eyes and a fluff that yellow that it seemed a golden ball.
They have just exit the hatch and were ready to sit in the sun.
When they arrived to Dora’s house, she gave them wet corn and made them an enclosure with twigs, where they would sleep. The little hen babies had unsecured legs, they gathered together and felt asleep shortly after. They wake up at dawn, very curious to discover the surroundings. They walked one behind the other and were following Dora’s steps. They didn’t walk much that they saw a ‘monster’. They were very afraid and start trembling.
-Don’t be afraid, I’m Dante, the dog. Where are you going?
-We want to discover the surroundings and make a friend.
-If you want, I can be your friend and show you the surroundings, I am the dog of this house.
-Nice to meet you.
-Look, here is Dora’s room. These are her dolls; make sure you don’t brake anything, she cares about them very much. There’s the balcony. Don’t you ever go there because you could fell.
-We understand, Dante. Thank you for your help.
The next day, the little hen babies saw a flowerpot on the balcony and were in a hurry to get there because they wanted to peck. They forgot about Dante’s warning not to go there. They were happily pecking when suddenly one of them slipped one leg through the balcony bars. They begun to scream for help. Piu –Piu! Help!
Dante heard them and came quickly. He grabbed him carefully with its paws, not to hurt the little hen baby.
-I told you not to go on the balcony! Why did you do this?
-We wanted to peck. Thank you for your help. You are a very good friend.
-Please , be more careful, and when you want something, say it to Dora or to me and I will help you.
The little hens became real cocks. They learnt to sing ‘cucurigu’ and to wake up the entire house every morning.
There was the time for them to be taken to the countryside, at Dora’s grandparents, they couldn’t live in an apartment anymore.
-Good-bye, Dante! You will always be our friend! We will never forget what you did for us!
-We will see each other every weekend because I will come with Dora to visit her grandparents. Good-bye my dears!
Dante and the two cocks are still friends today and enjoy themselves every weekend.

Who invented the pen and why it doesn’t have so much success nowadays like it had in the past? Find out the answer to these questions together with Alexandra.
Alexandra is a brunette girl with blue eyes. Our dear Alexandra has just returned from school. She took her books, notebooks and pencil case from her school bag. She washed her hands and went straight to the kitchen. Her mother was waiting for her to eat. After she finishes to eat, she gets up and thanks her mother for the delicious food.
-Thank you for the food, she tells her mother!
-You’re welcome, my dear!
When she returned in her room…Alexandra finds her pencil case opened, and a voice cries out, begging:
-Please, get me out of here! I want to talk to you.
The little girl looked surprised, searching in the room, but she didn’t find anybody. A voice came from the pencil case. She looked carefully and saw the pen. She removes the top and looks at it.
-You were the one who was speaking?
-Yes, it was me. I need ink and please do not press that hard when you are writing, because it hurts me, and my nib will broke.
Alexandra apologizes. She fills the pen with ink and puts it on the notebook.
-Don’t you want to write your homework ?
-Yes, but I am still surprised. How come you can talk?
-Us, the pens, we also have life. Let me tell you our story…
-When he was a student in Paris, the Romanian inventor, Petrache Poenaru, invented the first pump pen, and Lewis Edson Waterman invented the pump pen that can be filled through the nib; this happened in 1884. They are the ones who brought us to life.
-Very interesting! I had no idea. What else can you tell me about you? Because I don’t know anything, except the fact that you are a writing instrument, that puts ink on a sheet of paper.
-I’m glad that you are that curious. What else can I tell you? Well! The oldest pens are the writing feathers and the penholders. These are my ancestors.
-But, besides the pupils, somebody else uses the pen?
-Yes. Some say that the pen changes the mind. With our help, documents and important pacts were signed. Later, the ballpoint was invented by Lazlo Biro.
-What’s the difference between you and a ballpoint?
-The difference between pens and ballpoints is a big one.
The advantage of the ballpoint is its resistance, but his success is due to the fact that it could hold a big quantity of special ink, to write many letters or even book chapters; the ink would dry very fast. Also, the ballpoint’s ink is more sticky that the pen’s one. Till now nobody could solve the main problem of the ballpoints: the consuming of the paste.
-Thank you. I found out new things and from now on you will be my friend because you told me about you and because I can express my ideas with your help. I promise that I will fill you with ink and I will not press you that hard, not to broke your nib.
-Too many people write with the ballpoint. Nobody asks today: ‘Do you have a pen, please?’ because they could make a full of themselves , maybe. The ‘please’ has almost disappeared from their request and only a ‘Do you have a ballpoint ?’ has remained.
-I understand your offense, said the little girl. But from now on I assure you that I will be your best friend.
-Thank you . I also assure you of my friendship. From that moment on, Alexandra was more responsible doing her homework , but she didn’t press the nib and didn’t forget to fill the pen.

Let’s find out together with Lili, the wise turtle, the story of the three brave mottos: You’re good! You’re intelligent! You’re important!
Lili is a turtle baby. She was given to a young couple. When they moved out, they ley the little turtle in a pot full with water, in an empty apartment. From there, she got to Teo, a little girl with blonde hair and eyes that blue, that they seemed unreal. Teo is too small and she cannot take care of Lili, so Lili’s life changed. The luck was on her side and she didn’t remain without adoptive parents.
She arrived in another apartment, on the third floor, I a neighborhood in Bucharest. Here, she sat in a special aquarium, with a small island in, where Lili loved to stay in the sun.
One day, our little turtle, being very curious , got slowly out of the aquarium and began to cross the entire room. Her walk could slowly be heard on the floor. She loved very much to walk. She loved to watch T.V. and listen to what people were talking about.
She was surprised when she saw that she wasn’t the only animal in the house. She crossed face to face with a kitty. A kitty who wasn’t at all brave. When they looked at each other, the kitten run away.
-Hey, wait, don’t hurry! I am Lili, who are you?
I’m Pisi.
Pisi trusted nobody, not even herself. Every time she wanted to do something, she wondered: ‘ what I want to do is a good thing or a bad one?’.
All these happened because she was almost all the time argued when she did something wrong and this made her regret it and be afraid.
She didn’t do bad things on purpose, they just happened. That’s what happened when…wanting so much to become friends with the golden fish, she run over the aquarium and her adoptive mother argued her really bad.
Lily and the kitten got really close and they talked on and on all day long. Lili was a very wise turtle and eager to share her wisdom. One day, she told the kitten a story full of meaning, that sounded like this:
Once upon a time there was an old turtle who took care of a little girl. Every time the little girl was sad, the old turtle reminded her the three encouraging words that her grand-grand-mother used to tell her:
-You are good!
This means to respect the others even if you don’t agree with what they do or say. Be tolerant and do not argue. Be generous and do not expect a reward for your good acts. Share with the others what you have and thank every time someone offers their help.
-You are intelligent!
Do not argue not even when you are right. Do not regret anything, because everything that happens ,happens for a reason. Learn from everything that surrounds you. Do not blame yourself when you are wrong; if you don’t make mistakes, you don’t grow up and everybody makes mistakes. Don’t forget that when you don’t search for excuses not to do something, you become more intelligent.
-You are important!
You are an important person for those around you.
Every time the little girl heard these, she became happy and forgot about the sadness.
The kitten listened carefully Lili’s story and she liked it so much, that she told it herself and helped others raise their self-confidence, exactly like Lili, the wise turtle had helped her.


Come with Antonia in the magic world of ponies and keep in mind the advices of Princess Celestia to have an easy and healthy sleep!
Antonia loves the ponies very much. Every night, her mum has to read her a story about the wonderful adventures of the ponies. Otherwise, the little can’t sleep. One night, the book about the ponies could’t be found…her mother read her another story, but in vain. Although she knew the story by heart, the thought that Princess Celestia is not guiding her steps to the dream’s world, won’t let her alone. The Princess Celestia is the one responsible for the little ponies when they are in trouble or they have questions. She is Antonia’s favorite.
Disappointed about this unfortunate happening, Antonia can hardly fell asleep and suddenly…
The little girl is in the magic world of light and life. She runs happily in the magic palace’s yard. She sees Rarity and Pinkie Pie.
-Hey, Rarity! Cries out Antonia. Where can I meet Princess Celestia?
-Hey, Antonia! I’m glad that you came to visit us. Celestia is with Pluttershy. He had a problem that he couldn’t solve and he needed her help. If you want, we go together to search for her. But what happened? Can you tell me?
-I want her to help me find the book about you. Otherwise, I can’t sleep. I can only sleep when my mother reads me a story about your magic world.
-Yes, this is a problem. You  tried other stories?
-Yes, but nothing works. I need the story about the ponies.
-I understand. Let’s go together to Fluttershy. Surely, we will find Celestia there.
Antonia flies together behind Rarity. It is wonderful what happens to her.
-Hello, Celestia. Can we disturb you? Antonia has a problem.
-Hello, my dears, says Celestia. There’s no problem. I am glad to see you. What happened, dear Antonia? What can I do for you?
-I can only sleep if I hear my mother reading stories from the book about the ponies, and now the book is gone. What shall I do?  Please help me find her!
I don’t know exactly where the book is, but I can help you with some advices about an easy sleep.
-Tell me , please!
-The room has to be clean and tidy, this will lead to a healthy sleep. The hour for going to bed has to be practically the same. Children need 10-12 hours of sleep. After dinner should follow relaxing and peaceful evening activities. Take a bath or a warn shower before starting the evening routine. Use a calming bath product with relaxing flavors for children. Once you are in bed, don’t get down for all sorts of excuses. Make sure you have water on the bedside table and access to the bathroom. Like part of the routine, don’t forget to say ‘good night’ to the other family members.
-Antonia it’s time to wake up! Says mother.
Antonia opens her eyes and tells her mother about the meeting with the ponies.
-Very nice and very useful Princess Celestia’s advices, said mother.
Now, let’s prepare for a new day.
While arranging the sheets, Antonia finds the book about the ponies. It’s under the pillow. Great! Definitely, Celestia found it and made it possible for Antonia to see it. The little girl was sure about it.
Do you know that…
Ponies are a horse race, with a reduced body weight and a small size, original from the cold climate regions and those with poor vegetation from England and Scandinavia?

10 Stories about Friendship
Texts: Simona Ionita
Illustrations: Antonia Nweke (5ani)